Kittenhead: The California band supreme

Kittenhead is a 5-piece group of veteran musicians based in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Oakland California. The band uses modern technology to write music together and then comes together to add the secret sauce and produce music that is poignant, inclusive, and fun.

Kittenhead has evolved their sound to a darker, bigger, gender-bending, hip-gyrating, driving rhythms, and ear-worm hooks and melodies, with lyrics that cut to the core of our being. The band consists of veterans from Green Jelly, the Generators, Butt Trumpet, the White Trash Debutantes, Blackjack Betty, the Dirty, Lisafer, and at one time or another, have played together in different combinations in prior bands since junior high!

Kittenhead is:

  • Kivi – lead vocals, cowbell
  • dd – guitar, backing vocals
  • Erin – bass, backing vocals
  • Mike – guitar, attitude
  • O-Face – drums, more cowbell

The band has played the mainstage at Oakland Pride, Folsom Street Fair, numerous roller derbies across the country with their single “Derby Girl,”  where many roller derby teams still use in their match warmups. Kittenhead has received international terrestrial radio play as well as been played on Rodney on the ROQ, 93.1 Random Radio SF, and XXXX Brooklyn radio. While supporting many charitable causes close to their hearts, Kittenhead has headlined the bi-annual Marianarchy Festival in Reno, where proceeds go to people with medical expenses. Because of the band’s philanthropy, Kittenhead has received tour support from a Colorado Radio Producer and Orange County Non-Profit.

What makes Kittenhead different is that it is not about glam and image, it is about straight up rock and roll rebellion and inclusion. Look for their upcoming fourth release “#Authentic”, stream them on all of the streaming services, and catch them live.