About Kittenhead

Kittenhead is a 4-piece rock n’ roll band born in May 2012 in Los Angeles, with members currently based in both Southern and Northern California. After a summer of kick-off songwriting, Kittenhead played its first live shows that year with a headlining slot at the Comet in Seattle. With its infectious riffs, thought-provoking lyrics and nearly-legendary live shows, Kittenhead is the epitome of the word “diversity”, with its members spanning the complete gamut of gender, sexuality, age and size!

Kittenhead’s core founding members Kivi Kittenhead (singer, lyricist), dd Kittenhead (guitarist, bassist) and O-Face Kittenhead (drummer) – giving an obvious nod to punk royalty – The Ramones – embrace and promote a resounding core message of EQUALITY. In support of the LGBTQ Community, Kittenhead has played the Oakland Pride Festival (2015, 2018) and rocked the Folsom Fair, the world’s largest leather and fetish event and a staple of the SF gay community, in 2018. The band is also known for its rousing, rafter-filled performances at various west coast Roller Derbies, a pillar of female empowerment, including the Bay Area Roller Derby, Viva Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Roller Girls, and San Diego Derby Dolls halftime shows. In fact, Kittenhead recorded its first EP, Derby Girl,” in 2012. After garnering significant critical acclaim and radio play for its title track, “Derby Girl” is currently the skate out music for Roller Derby Leagues around the world from the UK to Australia and across North and South America.

Kittenhead has since recorded two follow-up studio efforts. The full-length LP We’re Here (2015) produced the critically-acclaimed singles Tinman and #9, the latter of which was played on world famous KROQ by Rodney on the ROQ (aka “Mayor of the Sunset Strip”). The more recent 5-track EP “NYB”, featured its title track, Not Your Bitch.” The song – perhaps like every punk rock song – tackles the timely topics of inequality and injustice. The EP received rave reviews from multiple music publications and extensive radio play on stations including Stench Radio, Dr. Bones, GFY, Colorado Phil Radio Show, BostonRockRadio and Radio Free Brooklyn (the #3 terrestrial station in the greater NY metro area).Having toured up and down the West Coast, the band’s high-octane live performances have received rave reviews from publications including TheLosAngelesBeat.com and Reno Tonight Magazine. Kittenhead’s music was recently featured in the indie film “Makeup” (2019).

True to its mission of championing the underdog, the underprivileged and the needy, the band has played various benefit shows throughout the years – for cancer survivors, college scholarships and animal rights organizations. Kittenhead remains extremely committed to helping to create a better society and loves to give its time and energy to support such causes. In response to the recent U.S. political protests, Kittenhead is re- releasing its single Tinman,” a social statement about systemic racial violence in our societies and throughout the greater world.

Follow Kittenhead at: @KittenheadLA, @Kittenhead, @Kittenhead_LA

RIYD: Joan Jett, X (band), Blondie, The Slits, Green Day, The Donnas, ,Sleater Kinney,  Social Distortion, Lita Ford, The Go-Go’s, The Ramones, New York Dolls, L7, Bikini Kill, X-Ray Spex